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Professional R&D, production and sales

Negotiate with each other
Contact by telephone or on-site inspection to discuss model prices and related detailed requirements.
signing the contract
Both parties sign the purchase and sale contract and prepay the contract deposit to sign the contract or sign the contract on the spot)

Deliver product
According to the requirements of the contract, our company arranges the delivery and acceptance of the products produced by the head office to pay the balance of the products and complete the relevant procedures.
payment method
Customers can pick up the product by themselves, and we can negotiate and arrange delivery by our company and agree on related costs. For more details, call
Engineering Case
Lianyungang Qinglang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Qinglang Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in April 2018, is the management corporation of Lianyungang Dongdu Chemical Co., Ltd, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan (investment of projects: 57.77 million yuan).The company is located in Chemical Industry Park of Guanyun County, Lianyungang, where it is convenient for transportation and abundant resources, with G228 superhighway in the south and Lianyungang Port in the east.
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