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What are the normal temperature cleaning agents and what kind of places are they used for?

1. Room temperature cleaning agent is used for metal cleaning, pickling, phosphating and preventing over-corrosion.

2. Room temperature cleaning agent is used for metal cleaning

Metal surface cleaning is to remove all kinds of oil, acid, alkali, salt, dust and other solid dirt and liquid dirt on the metal surface.

Metal cleaning agents include: water-based cleaning agents, solvent cleaning agents, and alkaline cleaning agents.

2.1 Room temperature cleaning agent is used for water-based metal cleaning agent

The application principle of room temperature cleaning agent in water-based metal cleaning agent is to weaken or offset the adhesion of oil stains on the metal surface through the wetting, penetration, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and other properties of surfactants, through mechanical and physical methods Accelerate the separation of oil from the metal surface and enter the lotion to be emulsified, dispersed and suspended or solubilized in the beam.

Water-based metal cleaning also needs to add inorganic additives: corrosion inhibitors, cosolvents, foam stabilizers, defoamers, fillers, etc.

2.2 Room temperature cleaning agent is used for alkaline metal cleaning agent

In order to improve the decontamination ability of the alkaline cleaner, a small amount of surfactant is added to emulsify the mineral oil that cannot be saponified into the lotion.

3 Room temperature cleaning agent is used for phosphating treatment

The surface active agent can make the phosphating film crystal fine, compact and surface adjustment during the phosphating process.

Formula: Marif salt 30-40g/l zinc dihydrogen phosphate 30-40g/l zinc nitrate hexahydrate 80-100g/l sodium nitrite 1-2g/l sodium nitrate 1g/l sodium phosphate dodecahydrate 1.58g/ l Octylphenol polyoxyethylene (7-8) ether 0.5g/l Sodium bicarbonate 1.58g/l Pine oil 0.5g/l Free acidity 3-5 points Total acidity 60-80 points Time 8min

4 Room temperature cleaning agent is used for pickling

During the pickling process, a large amount of acid mist will be generated, which will affect the health of workers and pollute the environment. At the same time, it will corrode the plant and equipment. In order to improve the rust removal effect of pickling and prevent acid overcorrosion, sulfuric acid is used in the pickling solution Or adding surfactant to hydrochloric acid can inhibit acid mist, speed up pickling and prevent over-corrosion.

Formula: 1-10% hydrochloric acid, 1-8% nitric acid, 0.1-20% nonylphenol polyoxyethylene.